Redefining Efficiency and Safety: Assured Automation Introduces New Thermal Shutoff Valves With the TSV Series
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Redefining Efficiency and Safety: Assured Automation Introduces New Thermal Shutoff Valves With the TSV Series

Mar 07, 2024

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15 Aug, 2023, 08:33 ET

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ROSELLE, N.J., Aug. 15, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Assured Automation, a leading provider of automated valves and flow components, proudly announced the launch of its new product. The TSV Series integrates innovative technology and rigorous safety standards to deliver valves that are reliable, easy to maintain, and supremely functional, all while keeping safety at the forefront.

Assured Automation: TSV Series (

TSVs are critical components in refinery, terminal, and chemical piping systems. Thermal activated shutoffs work like fuses in the pipes that carry flammable liquids, and in the event of a fire, shuts the fuel flow down, preventing these liquids from further accessing and feeding the flames. Thermally activated shutoff valves can be used in a wide variety of applications at refineries, marine terminals, chemical plants and alcohol lines.

"Our TSV Series is a significant innovation in safety systems," said Assured Automation. "It combines a fire-safe ball or butterfly valve with a pneumatic actuator and an FM-approved FireChek® valve, providing a comprehensive thermal shutoff solution. It's a testament to worldclass engineering and our commitment to safety and quality."

Key features of the TSV Series include:

1. A fire-safe ball or butterfly valve-ball valves come with NPT, Socket Weld, or 150# or 300# ANSI Flanged connections. Butterfly valves are available with 150# or 300# ANSIFlanged connections in lugged or wafer style. All valves are available in Carbon Steel orStainless Steel and are fire-safe with graphite seals. In addition, they are Fire-Safe designed to API 607-5; with bodies designed in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel.

2. A spring return pneumatic valve actuator. The C Series pneumatic actuators offer a simple but cost-effective solution for use on quarter turn (90 degree) ball and butterfly valves.

3. A FireChek® heat-activated pneumatic shutoff valve. FM approved FireChek® thermalexhaust valve blocks air supply and opens actuator exhaust port, allowing valve to closewhen heat is detected. The FireChek® is resettable and field testable. When the thermal shutoff senses temperatures above the shape memory alloy's actuation level, the shape memory element simultaneously vents pneumatic actuator air pressure and closesupstream supply pressure. A manual reset allows routine performance testing for safetymaintenance programs. Other specs include:

4. A Schrader (check) valve. The assembly is charged with air/nitrogen and is locked in position with a bubbletight Schrader valve which can be charged with a small air tank or with an optional battery pump from Assured Automation.

Assured Automation's commitment to quality is clearly illustrated by its ISO 9001:2015 certification and ITAR compliance, meeting the strictest standards for military applications.

Go online to explore the revolutionary TSV Series Thermal Shutoff Valves in depth on YouTube. And to see the specs in full and use the unique online Valve Configurator to build, view, price, and order a valve package quickly and easily online, please visit HERE.

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