Valve Is Selling Used Steam Decks At A Great Discount
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Valve Is Selling Used Steam Decks At A Great Discount

Aug 30, 2023

Valve confirmed certified refurbished Steam Decks are now on sale at GameStop and through the PC distributor’s website, following an August 7 leak detailing about as much.

All three models—64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB—are available for much cheaper than their standard price tags. Hell, the certified refurbished 64 GB Steam Deck is barely more expensive than the Nintendo Switch, coming in at just $320. That’s 20 percent off the $400 that the same model would run you if purchased new. A Valve spokesperson said in a release that while stock is limited, the inventory will replenish once used Steam Decks become available again. The best part? They’ll perform up to snuff regardless of any scuffs or scratches.

“These are all Certified Refurbished by Valve and have been thoroughly tested, meeting or exceeding the performance standards of new units,” they said. “Each unit has undergone a complete factory reset and software update.”

However, the company clarified that the refurbished units may have minor cosmetic blemishes. So, be prepared for small imperfections here and there.

As outlined on the company’s website, Valve performs more than 100 tests on used Steam Decks, reviewing controller inputs, the audio system, screen, and internals such as the battery and SoC (system-on-a-chip). They also come with a one-year warranty, a refurbished power supply, and a carrying case. You’re getting everything a new Steam Deck owner would get at a fraction of the price. That’s pretty based, especially for those who wanted to get into handheld PC gaming but found the $400 to $650 price tag intimidating.

These same prices can be found at GameStop. However, the Valve spokesperson noted that these units are currently only available for GameStop Pro members.

Kotaku reached out to Valve for additional comment.

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