Valve Releases New Steam Deck Update
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Valve Releases New Steam Deck Update

Aug 10, 2023

Valve unveils a new Steam Deck Client update fixing various issues and bringing quality-of-life improvements to its handheld device.

Valve released the patch notes for the latest Steam Deck Client update, unveiling a list of bug fixes and the addition of various features to improve the overall user experience on the device. This Steam Deck update comes about a month after the last one, bringing a variety of improvements to Valve’s handheld console.

Ever since its release in February 2022, the Steam Deck has been providing PC players with a new way to enjoy their favorite PC games by allowing them to play various titles on the go. With a large variety of Steam Deck verified games ranging from open-world AAA titles to lesser-known indie gems, Valve keeps on adding new games compatible with its handheld device. Players can even use the Steam Deck to play classic PS1 games, turning Valve’s console into an emulation system to run various old games.

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Valve shipped an update for the Steam Deck Client, improving the overall stability of the device and bringing various quality-of-life improvements. Players with a large library of Steam games will now encounter fewer bugs when browsing through their backlog, and can now do so by sorting their games by date on shelves and grids. Those playing with custom controller inputs can copy and paste their mappings, the developer console displays timestamps in the Steam console window, and there is a new in-game setting to enable or disable the display scaling in the overlay when the Steam Deck is used in Desktop Mode.

This Steam Deck update should allow players to further enjoy their games on Valve’s handheld device without experiencing some of the issues reported in the past few months. With this improved stability, players can try out new games on the Steam Deck, such as The Last of Us Part 1 and Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart which are officially Steam Verified. More games should be joining the Steam Deck’s lineup in the upcoming months, with Valve regularly adding new games to its library.

This Steam Client update brings various stability fixes and improvements to the Steam Deck, which is seeing a growing number of competitors trying to take their share in the handheld console gaming market. Several devices are entering this competitive market, such as the Ayaneo KUN, Lenovo’s Legion Go, and the Asus ROG Ally. Despite this growing number of competitors, the Steam Deck remains the go-to choice for most PC players looking for a handheld device to play their favorite games.



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