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All Exits in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Oct 14, 2023

How to escape The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

It has never been easy to survive a slasher movie, and Sumo Digital/Gun Interactive’s new asymmetrical multiplayer horror game The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is certainly no exception to this rule. Escaping Leatherface and his murderous cohorts requires patience, stealth, wit, and A LOT of unlocking tools. Here is how to use every exit in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, allowing you to become the hero of your own Texas Chainsaw Massacre story.

The first escape you will likely encounter is the Fuse Box Exit. It is always located in the basement on each of the maps, featuring a sliding blue door with a red lock symbol. In order to open this escape, you will need to find a Fuse, locate the Fusebox, and bring an unlocking tool with you.

Fuses are located on the ground level after you escape the basement. They can be found hidden across the various maps.

Once you have located the Fuse, you must find the Fusebox and unlock it with a tool. The Fusebox can be found on the ground floor, or upstairs, depending on the map.

After unlocking the Fuse Box, you will be required to solve a simple puzzle. This brain teaser requires you to place the colored/numbered fuses in the correct slot to match the two combined number totals otherwise known as “AMP values.”

Once you have solved the Fuse Puzzle, you can unlock the basement Fuse Door, providing a path for your teammates and yourself to escape. Make sure to hurry because the door will close after a very short time.

The second escape is called the Pressure Valve Exit, which is always located on the ground level on every map. In order to open this gate, you will need to find the valve handle and attach it to a pressure valve pump.

The valve handle is hidden randomly on the map and can be found on the ground level after escaping the basement.

You will need to attach the valve handle to the valve pump and open it in order to begin building pressure. The pump is not always located directly next to the door and sometimes can be found in the basement level of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre’s various locations. Once enough pressure has built up, the doors will loudly burst open.

Simply run through the valve exit to escape to safety, but once again you’ll have to hurry, as the gate will only remain open for a short time.

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The Rear Gate exit is located at the back of the map in each of the game’s locations. In order to use the escape, you will need to bring an unlocking tool.

The entrance is blocked with an “electrified cattle grid,” which cannot be crossed until it is turned off, (you can tell if the electricity is on, as the nearby light will be red). The grid is powered by a car battery, which can be located if you follow the nearby power cable, where you will find the electricity source.

Once you disconnect the car battery, the electricity will turn off, and the gate will display a green light, signifying that the cattle grid is safe to cross.

Use an unlocking tool to open the gate, which will allow you and your teammates to escape. Just watch out for the killers, who can turn the car battery back on, and re-electrify the cattle grid.

To save the best for last, if you are looking for the most authentic Texas Chainsaw Massacre escape, then the road exit is the way to go. Similarly to the Rear Gate Exit, the Road Exit is connected to an electrified cattle grid, which can’t be crossed until it is turned off.

The cattle grid is connected to a generator, which must be stopped in order for players to escape to safety. The generator can be located by following the cable from the cattle grid to the power source.

The generator can be turned off by kicking it, but be wary, as this makes a lot of noise and could alert nearby killers.

Once the generator has turned off, you can sprint up the driveway past the unpowered cattle grid, and run up the road to your right or left to freedom. Better yet, on the Family House map, you could opt to jump out the window first just like Sally Hardesty in the first Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, which will also net you the “Be like Sally” trophy/achievement.

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