Flomatic introduces new check valve
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Flomatic introduces new check valve

Jun 08, 2023

Flomatic Valves has introduced the Flo-Flex Model 345, the latest model of their American Iron and Steel-compliant, foot valve flapper-style swing check valve. Ensuring years of quality and reliability, the new model is designed to meet the needs of demanding industrial and municipal pumping applications and centrifugal pump applications including ponds and lakes, dewatering applications, frac pits and more.

“The Flo-Flex Model 345 is a just another example of our high-quality American-made valves and cutting-edge technology,” Flomatic Valves president Nick Farrara said.

Available in sizes 3-inch through 12-inch, the 345 is designed according to ANSI/AWWA C508 standards and is constructed in a corrosion-resistant, fusion-bonded, epoxy-coated ductile iron body featuring a 316 stainless steel strainer and class ANSI 150 flange connections. Its screen open flow area is more than three times the open area of the nominal area pipe size while the one-piece molded disc allows 100 percent full flow in the open position.

The 345 features a number of reliable functions including a 45-degree valve-seat angle for short disc travel, non-slam high performance resulting in the reduction of water hammer, optional drilled/tapped/plugged raised boss for easy installation of gauges or accessories, and a low head loss design. It is specifically designed to seal securely and tightly to minimize pump suction losses.

Nick Farrara