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How to use the Adamantine Forge in BG3

Dec 02, 2023

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Watch out for the Grym fight

In the Grymforge in Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll encounter a few Duergar looking for the Adamantine Forge, an ancient device used to create powerful weapons. The only problem is, they have no idea where it is. However, finding it seems to be the least of your troubles as activating the forge leads to a challenging fight against Grym, an enormous construct.

Continue on to find out where the Adamantine Forge is located, how to activate the Adamantine Forge, and how to defeat Grym.

The Adamantine Forge is located near the Grymforge in the Underdark. From the Grymforge teleport waypoint, go up the stairs and continue on the path to the north until you reach a few Duergar and Deep Rothé standing in front of a cave in.

When you interact with the Duergar, they’ll tell you about a mysterious Adamantine Forge that is assumed to be somewhere behind the fallen rocks. You can either decide to assist the Duergar by forcing the Rothé to destroy the rocks; blow up the rocks yourself with explosives or spells; or, if you can speak with animals, turn on the Duergar.

Proceed up the stairs and climb down the first iron ladder on your left, but be wary of the numerous traps along the path. Hop onto the lifted platform and then jump onto the lifted pathway beside it. Make sure to grab the longsword mould, as it could come in handy later.

Continue to the end of the path to find another platform and a couple levers to your left. First, activate the lever on the right to raise the platform. The easiest way to do this is hitting the lever with a ranged attack, but you can also activate it with Mage Hand. Once the platform is lifted, hop on and activate the lever on the left to move the platform. Drop down to the lower ground and head straight ahead to find a long staircase that leads to the Adamantine Forge.

To activate the Adamantine Forge, you’ll need two items — a mould and mithril ore. Input a mould into the mould chamber, and place mithril ore into the crucible. Next step is the Forge Lever, but before you interact with it, make sure you’re prepared for a tough battle as you’ll have to take down a level 8 construct that has 300 health.

Luckily, there is a source of mithril ore very close by. Halfway down the stairs to the Adamantine Forge, there is a path that veers off to the left. There is a large mithril ore vein along the wall, but you’ll encounter a few Magma Mephits along the way. To mine the mithril vein, you can use a pickaxe or hit it with Force damage.

The fight against Grym is a challenging fight, but it there is a little trick to easily defeat them. First, you’ll want to ungroup your party and position one character in each corner of the forge. You’ll need to have a character by the lava valve and it’s optional to have one by the forge lever as you can always hit it with a ranged attack to activate it.

Your goal is to pull Grym to the center of the forge, somewhat on top of the middle platform. Grym targets the last character that hits them, so you’ll want to hit Grym with someone on the opposite side of the middle platform. Grym doesn’t have to be directly under the piston as the area of the effect of the piston’s slam is deceptively large. Once Grym is near the middle platform, activate the forge lever to drop the piston onto them — dealing a ton of damage in the process.

During this whole process, you’ll need to keep the lava flowing through the lava valve. If Grym hasn’t stepped into the lava for a couple turns, they’ll be resistant to every type of damage. Once the lava has disappeared, interact with the lava valve to cover the adamantine forge after a couple turns. Repeat this process multiple times to quickly defeat Grym and collect your adamantine weapon.

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