SIGMA Introduces SIGMAFlange Universal Model SFUP
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SIGMA Introduces SIGMAFlange Universal Model SFUP

Jul 08, 2023

SIGMA Corporation proudly introduces our SIGMAFlange Universal Model SFUP. The innovative design allows for the ease of field flanging plain-end pipe to any flanged fitting, valve or other flanged appurtenance. It incorporates a ductile iron adapter ring, complete with its own O-ring gasket, and a standard or transition mechanical joint gasket while accommodating necessary pipe-end restraint using a SIGMA ONE-LOK Model SLGU wedge-action gland. This multi-purpose wedge-style restrainer is recommended for use with the following pipes: ductile iron, steel, AWWA C900 PVC, D2241 "IPS" PVC, HDPE and AWWA C909 PVC. This new product expands our extensive restrained joint product line as part of our ongoing effort to meet the needs of our valued customers.

The SIGMAFlange Universal comes conveniently packaged with all necessary components, including hardware, to facilitate handling and installations in the field. Model SFUP accommodates pipe misalignment, is easily disassembled for service and maintenance requirements and provides a minimum 2:1 factor of safety, based on the rated pressure of the pipe upon which it is installed.

Steve McDonald, Restrained Joint Product Manager comments, "The development of the SIGMAFlange Universal exemplifies SIGMA's ongoing commitment to our business partners, assuring them we have the ideal restraint product for all of their needs. The field flanging of metallic pipes began over 40 years ago with the original set screw adapter flange." Satheesh Chandrasekaran, Engineer for Restraint Products, adds, "The SIGMAFlange Universal uses advanced technology and now offers water municipalities and consulting engineers the option of using either metallic (ductile iron and steel) or non-metallic pipes (PVC and HDPE) in flanged applications. It also provides a robust restraining mechanism for various types of pipes."

The SIGMAFlange Universal is electro-deposition coated with a top coat black enamel and currently available in sizes 3" through 12" with 14" through 36" coming soon.

About SIGMA CorporationEstablished in 1985, SIGMA Corporation is a global company offering a wide range of water and wastewater infrastructure products, fire protection, drainage solutions, and OEM products. We are the leader in many of the markets in which we operate and are distinguished by our innovative quality and supply chain processes. We continue to develop new products and services, meeting the changing needs of our valued customers every day.

Source: SIGMA Corporation

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